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Smart City Projects

Smart City Projects appear as a popular subject. This term is also used to describe any city that embraces technology to improve living conditions. Semantically it is a term callback to cities that take technological innovations at urban areas. We can easily express that smart city projects are extended to involve all the cities in the world.

As Derya Information Technologies , we are developing different kinds of smart city projects that can be more available than the others for the cities. When some projects are focused on improving public transport and reducing the traffic jam, the others are focused on making neighborhoods more safe or improving medical services. Here, we consider the need of cities about how the projects will be eventualized.

New Generation Smart City Projects

As of today, whenever we make a research about new generation smart city projects, we get different kinds of options. We can easily express that specially the projects about public transport have a senior effect. Our public transport projects involve a lot of subjects from providing simultaneous information’s about bus routes to set up sensors through bus routes to prevent bus traffic lights or a problem at buses.

Lately, sensors and receiving data’s are also take part among our Smart City Projects . These Technologies of us provide getting better decisions about receiving data’s of cities and how these data’s work and use them to improve services for their citizens. For example; by putting sensors in streetlight, we can make them light on automatically when its dark and light-off when the daylight comes back.

What Are The Features Of Smart City Projects?

Our smart city projects are the projects that we use our information and communication technology to decrease the infrastructure efficiency, livability of environment and the quality of the services that provided to the citizens. Also, smart city projects are the projects that we receive information’s about urban activities, analyze them and use IOT ‘’the internet of the things’’ to share them. Also, our smart city projects are the projects that we use digital projects to create a sustainable environment through increased energy efficiency.