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The Message Of The President

Hüseyin Kış

Chairman of the Board

Dear Derya Group’s customers, our precious friends and employees. As Derya Grup, we have been running business in the construction, automotive, insurance, white goods, informatics, electronics, food, marble, agriculture and building sectors since 1979, and our principle of "quality in production in service" has brought us success and continuity. We have always said that our constant quality target is our customer's future and we will continue on our way by raising our targets without leaving this trajectory, and we will continue our determination to be the most solid, reliable, dynamic and profitable in the sectors we focus on. In our company’s growth, our country’s growth and welfare has always been in the center. We are planning our new investments through these principles. We will continue to invest in our Country through our sustainable growing strategies. When knowledge and experience come together, there is no difficulty that cannot be overcome; With the creative dynamism of our young people and the guidance of their experienced mentors, we will move forward on our route with confident steps. As I always say, our constant quality target is our customer’s future. I present all of you my love and respects.

Hüseyin KIŞ

Derya Group Board of Directors

Hasan K.

Vice Chairman of the Board

Resul K.

Board Member

Mehmet K.

Board Member

Ali K.

Board Member

Baki K.

Board Member

Yaşim K.

Board Member

Our Management Staff

Erol G.

General Manager

Eyup B.

Cheif Technology Officer

Pınar Ö.

Human Resources Director

Tufan T.

Financial Director

Bedia T.


Our team

Doğan Ö.

Backend Developer

Emrulah A.

Backend Developer

İdil Sevgim D.

Technical Analyst

Gürkan B.

Business Development

Aykut G.


Görkem Y.

Frontend Developer

Raif Y.

Frontend Developer

Muhammed Ç.

Frontend Developer

Hümeyra D.

Category Manager

Berrak G.

Business Analyst

Büşra K.

Customer Support