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Building Technologies

As Derya Information Technologies , our building technology service is a positive contribution to your living areas as a technology category that includes building automation, energy management and home control. We use building technologies and systems to improve the efficiency, safety, comfort and sustainability of buildings.

The Coverage of Building Technologies

Building technologies are used to help us live healthier lives and improve our environment. These improvements in technology make our homes more comfortable and efficient to live, helping to improve worker productivity and quality of life. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are covered by our building technologies. Such systems control the temperature, humidity levels, air quality and air pressure inside buildings. They also provide fresh air to buildings if necessary.

Construction materials are also included in the coverage of building technologies. Construction materials include concrete floors, insulation panels and other types of materials used in building. At this point, we can easily express that our building technologies cut-in.

The use of our new generation building technologies can reduce energy usage in commercial buildings by more than 30 percent. In addition to saving on electricity bills, these technologies allow it to remotely monitor systems such as lighting systems. This allows problems to be identified early before they evolve into serious problems.

New Generation Building Technologies

The primary function of our building technologies is to provide shelter for people and goods. The technologies we use for this purpose include the following structural dynamics;

  • Structural Materials
  • Binding Materials
  • Protective Materials

Structural materials, are materials that form the structure of a building and make it stand upright. Examples include concrete, steel, wood and brick.

Binding materials, are materials that connect different parts of a building. Examples include insulation, adhesives and fasteners.

Protective materials, are used as protective barriers between people and their environment or between different sections or floors within a larger building complex.