Run your business quickly with XRP

With one account you can safely manage more than one company’s spendings, meetings, documents, human resources, products, offers and order areas at the same time as online.


XRP is an ERP solution, you can manage the process of your company easily with XRP.

Human Resources

With the human resources module within XRP you can easily handle employee management, day off management.

Spending Module

You can easily follow your company's employee or company expenses, and easily manage your expenses by creating approval flows.

Document Management

Your business and employees can safely host your documents and papers with the advanced Document Management Module.

Meeting Management

With the Meeting Module in XRP, you can set up meetings, take notes during the meeting, and organize your meeting schedule.

Order Management

You can easily enter your products into the system, follow your offers and easily manage your orders.

User Authorization

Your data security is important to us. You can define special authorities by grouping your users by defining security groups and authorizations.

What is ERP?

ERP solutions make business of all sized and industries to manage centrally all data’s and business processes overall. More efficiency is achieved with ERP, which provides visibility, effective control and data reliability in all operations from production to purchasing, foreign trade to sales.

The ERP that automize operational processes provides time and cost savings by reducing the workload at important degrees. ERP solutions increase employee satisfaction with more efficient business processes, and more effective management of processes increase customer satisfaction.


Works in coherence with all devices

You can easily use ERP solution from all Devices in your company. XRP works with phones and tablet pcs.

Integration with other applications

Working in coherence with other business applications you use within the company, XRP also allows the transfer of data in the applications you have used before.

File Management

Your business and employees can safely host your documents and papers with the advanced File Management Module.

Notification System

With the XRP’s notification system, you can get instant notifications about the developments at your work process.

Fast and Secure

Thanks to the XRP works on Microsoft Azure manage your business fast and safely.


XRP is designed for everyone to access easily. Thanks to its basic interface you can easily access to the business module.

Current and Optimized

You can get the updates regularly, XRP is constantly improved and updated.


Company Management

You can manage more than one company of your group through one application and can follow you employees, customers and spendings easily through your company.

On XRP you can identify your company

On XRP you can identify and manage your branch office.

On XRP you can keep your employee registrations.

Customer Management

You can make a data integrity by getting all of your company’s customers on one application. For your customer’s connection information’s such as phone number, email, sms, you can get a KVKK approval and follow them up.

You can identify new customers and transfer present customers to XRP

You can take notes about your customers

You can make offers to your customers, view their purchase history and storage their documents on XRP.