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Insurance Industry Solutions

Our assurance industry solutions contain software’s and services that present solutions for assurance industry. Assurance companies can use our assurance solutions to manage their works, customer relationships and demand processes. Our solutions also help assurance companies to improve their customer services or make them more efficient.

As Derya Information Technologies , our assurance industry solutions help companies to manage their risks and obligations about products and services. These kind of solutions automize the offering, assuring, billing, or payment collection processes. Insurers can use these solutions to make better decisions about holding customers, pricing and risk selection. That’s why we can easily express that our assurance industry solutions have a critical impact on those who wants to take a powerful place in assurance industry.


Our assurance industry solutions also help companies to get more information’s about their policyholder and applicants. These kinds of solutions collect data’s about customers’ finances, medical history and life styles. Thus, insurers can accurately evaluate their risk profile before offering them tail policies at affordable prices. And this brings the most achievements about having 100% customer satisfaction.

Our assurance industry solutions also help insurers monitor customer behavior by tracking their online activities, such as browsing history, using social media networks. Also, these kinds of solutions help companies to get customer satisfaction by answering the customer’s questions on time through channels. And this helps you to be interactive with your customers.

Professional Assurance industry solutions is a service that provides a wide range digital assurance solution for assurance industries. Our insurance industry solutions, which appear as the digital platform of a kind of insurance company, also have a high level of impact on regularizing business processes. Thanks to that by providing better services to customers, the assurance companies take a more powerful and dynamic place in industry.


Our assurance industry solutions help insurers to increase operational efficiency, customer engagement and to provide better service to policyholders. Even these kinds of solutions; risk management software helps insurers reduce costs and regularize demands processing practices through automation. Our assuring and evaluating tools allow holders to quickly quote prices and create new policies in seconds by importing data from existing systems or manually entering new information into the system.