Strengthen your agent with Sigortalig

Sigortalig is an advanced CRM. It makes you manage your agent’s operations easily and practically.


We provide high technological services for needs of our customers in assurance industry. We contribute to the safe growth of insurance agencies by developing software that meets corporate insurance expectations.

Does not require installation

Sigortalig runs through on a cloud, doesn’t require an installation


Sigortalig is designed through user’s experience principle, your customers and employees can easily use it.

Advantages of cloud

Sigortalig runs through Microsoft Azure easily and safely.

Speed up your agent’s activity with Sigortalig

Manage your agent’s operations with sigortalig’s high features. Meet with your customers and strengthen your relations.

If you have a web site start to receive demands with the API support provided by us, if you don’t have a web site start with the web site that we will design for you.

Gauge your employee’s performance by using our reporting tools

You can make your employee’s decentralizations through sigortalig

You can provide your customers a panel that they can follow the process.

Sigortalig is improved through your agent’s needs.

Sigortalig that has a lot of features to speed-up your agent’s processing, provides the best solution for your agent

You can take notes about your customers, can create and organize your customer list.

Sigortalig allows you to define the insurance companies you work with, the commission rates, the day off bonus payments of the employee.

Sigortalig can meet your agent’s CRM need, with that it provides allows you to inform your customers of the process through notifications from different channels.