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Data Analysis & Reporting

As Derya Information Technologies, we make your raw data’s to transform significant information’s and make you interpret them. We perform data analysis on a single dataset or multiple datasets, such as customer registrations or financial transactions, and report data, take the results of data analysis and present them in a way that makes sense.

Data analyze can be used to find patterns or answers to significant questions in a big dataset. For example, you might want to know how many customers you lost each month for some reason. Or you might want to know if there is a link between high running turnover and low incomes. Whatever your target is, data analyze will help you to reach it.


Data analyze and reporting take place as basic components of business intelligence. Business intelligence tools help companies to analyze big data’s for patterns that may help them to getting better decisions about how to run their businesses. At this point, business intelligence tools include panels that provide an overview of key metrics for managers.

Detailed reports that is important for managers to scale their performances, scorecards that show how well individual departments are performing against the targets that set by the management are necessary for a qualified data analysis. Some companies also use business intelligence tools to automize the payroll or customer billing processes. So whenever they need, they don’t have to enter data manually to the cell values.

Because data analysis and reporting is the process of finding patterns in data, interpreting these patterns and presenting them in a way that helps people make decisions, it makes it possible for business intelligence tools to serve in a functional way. We also use business intelligence tools to collect data’s, cleaning and regularizing them. Also we use statistic software’s to examine the hypothesis about data’s. At this step we also present pictures, graphics and timetables that show how data’s are related.


Data analyze and reporting is located in the center of different services including medical, finance and retail. These kind of services are applied in a wide range degree in the sectors like medical and finance. So data analyze and reporting service positively supports the world of finance and financial organizations.

Data analyze and reporting always takes the lead as a part of data science work flow. It contains using statistic and analytic methods to get means from raw data’s. We task our data analysts to find related insights such as examining, cleaning, transforming and modeling data.