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Reliable address of second-hand vehicle sale

Second-hand vehicle purchase and sale platform makes you carry out vehicle purchase and sale process easier and reliable.

Features is a second-hand vehicle purchase and sale platform.

Customer Management

You can manage your customer list through

Evaluation History

You can make comparison by looking the ancient prices of the vehicle you want to buy.

Stock Pool

You can investigate and buy the vehicles that take place in our stock pool.

Advanced Vehicle Evaluations

Be aware of the value of your vehicle by using our advanced vehicle evaluations module.

Guru Integration works fully integrated with GURU system management software.

Scheduled Tasks

Schedule your purchases and sales with scheduled tasks module within the


Get a quick price quote

Enter your vehicle’s information’s in detail, then let our consultants get back to you with the highest price quote.

In the cash on the barrel process, you’ll learn about our tender offer by entering your car’s features and condition information’s.

In case of you like our offer, you get your car to our nearest expertise spot to you by getting an available appointment.

After all the necessary controls of your car are done then completing the sale process at the notary, your cars’ cash sale process are getting done and your payment is sent to your bank account.

Quickly sell in 1 hour with pocket price

If the results of expertise and your pricing statement are compromised let your money get to your account through the agreed price. You can sell your vehicle in 3 simple steps.

Immediate pre-price

Expertise and Final Price

Fast and Secure Payment

Company Management

You can manage more than one company of your group through one application and can follow you employees, customers and spendings easily through your company.

On XRP you can identify your company

On XRP you can identify and manage your branch office.

On XRP you can keep your employee registrations.

Customer Management

You can make a data integrity by getting all of your company’s customers on one application. For your customer’s connection information’s such as phone number, email, sms, you can get a KVKK approval and follow them up.

You can identify new customers and transfer present customers to XRP

You can take notes about your customers

You can make offers to your customers, view their purchase history and storage their documents on XRP.