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Information Security Consulting

As Derya Information Technologies, information security consultancy is a professional service area that we help your business with information security. Our services can include a wide range of services, such as designing and implementing an information security policy and application, making risk assessments, developing an incident response plan, and much more.

Our information security consultants can also advise on compliance issues and legal issues related to information security, such as privacy laws, data breach notification laws, and more. This will enable you to deliver your business information security at a high quality.

Information security consultancy is a specialized area to provide advice and guidance on how to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Most of this work involves various techniques to ensure that sensitive data does not go into the wrong hands. So at this point, your support from our specialized team will ensure that the firewalls you intend to build are indeed securely built.

Professional Information Security Consultancy Service

The Professional Information Security Service provided by Derya Information Technologies is a type of service that will ensure that your organization with sensitive data is adequately protected from cybercriminals who may want to steal it for evil purposes. One way to do this is to distribute firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other types of network protection devices to protect your network from unauthorized access. This is where our specialized teams, who are experts in the field of engagement come to help you.

Coverage of Information Security Consultancy Service

As of today, the following service phases are covered by the information security consultancy service:

  • Knowledge Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Information Technology Security Controls
  • Security Policy Development and Monitoring